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Petoskey United Methodist Church

COMPASS After School Program

Program Director Job Description


Job summary:  The Program Director is a full-time salaried position dedicated to implementing the mission and philosophy of the United Methodist Church, COMPASS After School Program. The Director is responsible for providing a safe, caring and enriching environment for the children enrolled in the program, as well as a focus on anticipating and meeting the needs of the children and their families.


Position Requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Earned a high school diploma or general equivalence diploma

  • Meet 1 of the following qualifications shown below:

(a) Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a child-related field

(b) Montessori Credential with 12 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 480 hours of experience

(c) Associate’s Degree in a child-related field AND 12 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 480 hours of experience

(d) Valid Michigan school-age youth development credential with 12 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 480 hours of experience

(e) Valid child development associate credential with 12 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 480 hours of experience

(f) Sixty semester hours of coursework with 12 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 720 hours of experience

(g) High school diploma or GED with 6 semester hours in a childcare related field AND 2,880 hours of experience

  • Have at least 2 semester hours or 3.0 CEUs in child care administration or have an administrative credential approved by the department.  May also use 30 hours of administrative training from MiRegistry to meet these requirements.

  • Any potential program director previously employed as an approved and qualified program director is exempt from the above rule.


Areas of Responsibility:


  • Supports and upholds the mission and philosophy of the Petoskey United Methodist Church (PUMC) COMPASS program

  • Models Christian values : Love, kindness, honesty, generosity,  service

  • Prepare, implement and oversee the curriculum schedule and activities

  • Evaluates the program,  along with  the center policies and procedures

  • Maintains accurate records according to the license standards

  • Lead and manage the enrollment process each year

  • Recognize, document and address behavioral concerns and special needs

  • Markets the program to the community and prospective families

  • Assist in the development and implementation of educational/enrichment programs which meet the needs of the PUMC’s congregation in coordination with the pastor and the Compass Advisory Committee.



  • Communicates effectively with students, parents, and staff

  • Teaches and monitors in groups to support program activities

  • Provide orientation and supervision for students, staff, and volunteers

  • Practices a team approach, encouraging open communication regarding concerns/issues/ problem solving with children, parents and co-workers

  • Ensures that all staff and children are respectful of church property and each other

  • Meets staff development guidelines for self , hired staff and volunteers

  • Manages the hiring, scheduling,  evaluating, and firing of staff with input from the COMPASS Committee

  • Monitors the financial budget, selects and purchases supplies, equipment

  • Adheres to all Policy and Procedures such as: attendance,  security measures,  emergencies



  • Maintains accurate current handbooks and licensing materials for employees and parents

  • Document , keep on file staff application, background checks, TB skin test results, training, certifications, continuing education credits

  • Keep on file all check-in and check-out logs for students, staff and volunteers

  • Document and manage special needs of children including allergies

  • Adhere to ALL policy and procedures of COMPASS



  • Prepare, present and supervise the annual budget to the COMPASS Committee

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings of the COMPASS Committee to report on enrollment, the budget, financial concerns, parent/student concerns

  • With the COMPASS Committee, manage the tuition assistance program, including: communicating with families regarding the availability of tuition assistance; distributing and collecting the paperwork for tuition assistance applicants; present applications and information to the COMPASS Committee to assist in the evaluation process; communicating written notification to applicants regarding decisions



The COMPASS Program Director is directly accountable to the COMPASS Committee, and the Pastor of the Petoskey United Methodist Church.


Salary 2024-2025

Salary and Hours

  • Full-time, $50,000 per year

  • This is a year-round position following the Public Schools of Petoskey calendar for 2024-2025.  Days off and vacation time will follow the same schedule.  During the summer months, program marketing, registration, site revisions, and additional children programing may be assigned by the COMPASS Committee to meet the full-time status.


 Petoskey United Methodist Church will run a background and criminal check as well as require a drug test prior to employment.


Please submit a letter of interest along with your resume to:


COMPASS Committee

c/o Petoskey United Methodist Church

1804 E. Mitchell Street

Petoskey, MI49770

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